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Whenever I want to save fetuses, I drop anthrax in the mail. It’s only logical.

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I’m kindof uncertain how to respond to this.

I mean, on the one hand, it’s very convenient that Bruce Ivans—who was, like, totally sending anthrax to congress critters and was a big time terrorist, we promise—went and killed himself just before the FBI made its case. I mean, isn’t that great? Now we don’t have to go through a messy trial and all that pesky burden of truth stuff. It’s case closed! Let’s go shopping!

But maybe that’s my inner tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist talking. The FBI does have actual evidence, even if it’s a bit sketchy.

And then there’s the pro-life angle.

Now, officials close to the investigation say another possible motive could have been that Ivins saw the senators as bad Catholics because of their votes in favor of abortion rights. … Officials close to the case said that they believe Ivins’ right-to-life fervor was at least part of the reason he would target Daschle and LeahyAnthrax Suspect’s Abortion Stance Eyed As Motive

Which isn’t particularly surprising to me. It doesn’t make a lot of logical sense—to prevent abortion, which is murder, I will… murder people—but then the pro-life crowd’s grasp of logic and, say, compassion has never been particularly strong. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time particularly excitable pro-lifers took to killing people they thought were in the way.

We’re unlikely to get a full picture without hearing from Ivans, who is rather unlikely to be forthcoming at this point. It’s surprising to me that they’ve been so quick to point to his Catholic anti-abortion stance as an explanation, which makes me trust it just a bit more. Given the current political climate, I can’t imagine the FBI wants to be seen as promoting an anti-religious or pro-choice agenda (gasp.); then again, the FBI’s previous explanation was that he saw Daschle and Leahy as holding up funding for his anthrax vaccine work. No denying that people aren’t many-faceted and somewhat irrational, but it does start to seem like they’re grasping at straws a bit.

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