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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I kinda hate talking about capitalist economics. I am also not an economist, so I’m usually talking out my ass. In this case, that’s appropriate. Here’s a question, wrapped in a story:

Let’s say that about a year ago there was a booming market in some commodity. Purely for the sake of this example, let’s suppose this commodity was, say, human excrement.


Nan Desu Kan

Monday, September 15th, 2008

…Best. Con. Ever. Awesome, social, and incredibly exhausting. I’ll write more on it later, when I’m less exhausted and less at work.

We handed out the OSWBEOU fliers there, though not as many as we should have. Accordingly, we have a ton of the black-backed fliers left. (If anyone wants to flier a con somewhere, let me know.)

Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Artwork

Friday, September 5th, 2008

For this project (the site is here.)


If this keeps up.

Friday, September 5th, 2008

2011 — The arctic ice cap is completely melted.

2015 — The deadline for the U.N. Millennium Development Goals passes. None of them are reached.

2032 — World energy consumption reaches 1 zetajoule. About 62% comes from coal, 0.1% from solar energy.

2046 — The price of oil reaches $1,000 per barrel.

2041 — 100 million people are recorded as living with AIDS. 10 million people will die in this year.

2050 — World population reaches 9 billion people. Half live without reliable access to drinking water.

2052 — 5 billion people are living in extreme poverty.

2058 — A major U.S. political party nominates a woman for the presidency.

2060 — Six million women are raped this year worldwide.

2063 — The last surviving coral reef dies. One million ocean-dwelling species have gone extinct since 2008.

2109 — The price of oil exceeds the price of gold.

2141 — The major U.S. political party nominates an openly gay presidential candidate.

(I didn’t do super super intense research for these. Like Nostradamus’ prophecies, many will likely be inaccurate. Flay me when that happens.)


Thursday, September 4th, 2008

“Gay cock,“ the spambot began, “Hot and ready!”

A pause. Silence. The spambot oozed as the server chewed on its words.

“Hot cunts! Ready for action!”

And at this point, I’m wondering who, exactly, this spam is addressing. Emo bi boys? Seems a rather small market. (Or not).

“Gay Benji!” The spam concluded, shuffling off the server, belching and leaving a trail of slime.


I Googled. I… should not have done that.