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Friday, December 21st, 2007

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I’ve been somewhat haltingly and disorganizedly planning a few trips of late, so I’ve been perusing the various airlines’ sites. Something caught my notice while I was looking at Air India’s brochure.


Miscellaneous nice things.

Monday, December 10th, 2007

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On some happier notes, my media intake of late has included some quite nice stuff.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a lot better than I’d expected. It’s not overwritten, and the pilot at least doesn’t reach beyond its means terribly. The characters are a bit flat, but the writers seem to be content with letting them grow into being people—the distinctly unpleasant alternative (absent tight characterization right from the get-go) being to force them to have CHARACTER, of some sort, which usually means picking one trait and beating it to death so the audience can remember what box it is each character is meant to live in.

It seems that they’re removing a scene where a terminator shoots up a school. I understand it, I suppose, and it’s not like the show is tying in deeply with the emotions such depictions can bring up, but I still feel something is lost. There are some nice background shots of students comforting each other, going through the trauma of losing classmates in a violent incursion. It contrasts nicely with the 80s action movie sensibility of the rest of the pilot, filled as it is with seven kinds of running, shooting, and blowing shit up.

The best scene: John Connor is cornered by the terminator after the above-mentioned scene. He’s about to get shot when the robot is mowed down by a pick up truck. The truck backs up, the door opens, and the driver tells him, “Come with me if you want to live.”

The driver is the protectorator, played of course by Summer Glau. It’s one of refreshingly few movie shout-outs, and it is delicious.

More on the good TV front, I’ll be seeing Razor this Thursday, and whenever Dollhouse comes out, I’m basically going to die of happy.

In game news, I will soon be running a game of Mortal Coil. The system looks clever, from what bits I’ve read so far, but I’ll echo my friend’s sentiment that it could really use a Shock:-like world generation structure. I’m a little intimidated, truth be told, so any pointers anyone wants to drop here would be great. Particularly, if there’s anything we should do in prep that will make the game go smoother, I’d love to hear it.